The Top 10 Science Fiction Films of All Time – Resonance FM Fundraising Special!

The Top 10 Science Fiction Films of All Time – Resonance FM Fundraising Special!


9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday 20th February on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at :

James DC is joined by film-maker Ben Slotover and artist Morganic PA to discuss our Top 10 Science Fiction films of all time, as part of the fundraising bid for the radio station Resonance FM, which is a registered charity. As well as the Top 10 SF Films debate, we will be auctioning off a select amount of ultra-cool stuff for you to bid for in the Resonance FM online auction, including a job-lot of 50 classic, cult and collectable Science Fiction/Fantasy and Horror books, chosen by James DC, as well as a package of 7 brilliant novels by the legendary author Brian Aldiss, all signed by the great man himself :

Brian Aldiss books eBay auction :

Resonance FM eBay auction list :

Repeated Friday 22nd February, 11am-12pm (GMT), with podcasts to follow on this site.


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February 20, 2013 · 5:57 pm


My full-length article/review on the fantastic new film, Dredd (based on the iconic comic book strip Judge Dredd, from 2000AD) is now up on Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds website, in time for the film’s release on DVD.

You will have to subscribe to the New Worlds website to read my article in full, but it is cheap and worth it, as there is lots of other great stuff on there, with much more to come in ‘issue’ 2, soon. I should be writing a lot more for them, too, in the future :

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January 23, 2013 · 11:53 am



The Surreal and Scary Japes of Spring-heeled Jack – with Steve Ash and Jack Bowman.

9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday 9th January on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at :

James DC is joined by Fortean philosopher Steve Ash and writer-actor Jack Bowman to discuss the legend and mythology of the bizarre and terrifying Victorian character Spring-heeled Jack – fact, fiction, or just a case of mass hysteria? Ever since the first sightings, in 1837 in Barnes near London, of a demonic, black-caped, terrifying figure, which belched blue fire into it’s victims faces and ripped at their flesh with sharp talons, this weird phenomena has captivated the imagination. Countless encounters followed, and later plays, Penny Dreadfuls and other cultural manifestations followed. But what on earth was it? A massive hoax, a collective hallucination, or an actual supernatural anomaly? We will disinter the corpse of this nefarious beast and try to ascertain what it actualy was!

Repeated Friday 11th January, 11am-12pm (GMT), with a podcast to follow.

More info and previous shows available at :

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January 9, 2013 · 4:37 pm


9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday 12th December, 2012 on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at :

Steampunk Super-Stylings and Sensational Species

James DC is joined by comic book writer-artist, Bryan Talbot, and author Jonathan Green, to talk about the science fiction mini-genre, Steampunk, and their work in relation to it. Steampunk stories are set in a parallel universe, usually in or around the Victorian era, with bizarre, steam driven, ultra-technologies, powering an alternative socio-political history from our own. Bryan was one of the first creators to invent the basic concepts, stylings and tenets of Steampunk, in the early 1970’s, with his classic works such as the multi-dimensional, hallucinogenic Luther Arkrwight series, which led right up to his latest work, Grandville, an anthropomorphic animals SF detective story, set in an alternate 19th century Paris. Jonathan Green is the author of the Pax Britannia novels, which detail a 20th century British Empire filled with strange characters, zoo-kept dinosaurs, time travel, and robotic bobbies, all inhabiting a twisted version of reality.

Repeated tomorrow, Thursday, 13th December, 11am-12pm (GMT), with podcasts to follow.

More info :


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9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday, 5th December, 2012 on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at :

Disseminators of Dredd and Dynamic Dystopias

James DC is joined by writer/creator Pat Mills and entrepreneur/comics expert Mike Lake to talk about the mythology of comic book character Judge Dredd, in relation to the recent movie, Dredd, and the legendary British comic book 2000AD (created by Mills) which gave birth to the iconic lawman of the future. We discuss the history, symbology and meanings behind Dredd and other classic characters which graced the pages of the wonderful 2000AD, from 1978 up to the present day, as well as the beginnings of the super franchise Forbidden Planet, co-initiated by Mike Lake.

Repeated tomorrow, Thursday, 6th December, 11am-12pm (GMT), with podcasts on this blog to follow.

For more info go to :

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New Radio Show Tonight : Werewolves!


9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday, 28th November, 2012 on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at :

Wonderful Werewolves and Wicked Witches

James DC is joined by writer/broadcaster Deborah Hyde, on the day of the full moon, to talk about the mythology of werewolves, throughout history, culture and psychology. Deborah will reveal some of the historical precedents of werewolves in ancient times, as well as the medieval era’s witch hunts which spawned many of the modern legends about lycanthropy. We will also look at the use of the werewolf myth in cinema, literature and pop culture in general.

Repeated tomorrow, Thursday, 29th November, 11am-12pm (GMT), with podcasts to follow.

Previous shows are in the ‘Podcast’ section, above…..


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ATOMIC BARK!  New Radio Show Podcast :
Ghostly Goings-on and Galvanised Ghouls

Hosted by James DC, with Steve Ash and Sarah Sparkes (originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM on 7/11/12)

James DC is joined by writer/philosopher Steve Ash and artist/curator Sarah Sparkes to talk about the ages-old phenomenon of ghosts, poltergeists and all kinds of spirits and paranormal events, connected with the ‘undead’. James and the others will investigate these cases – from a rational viewpoint – and look into some of the classic hauntings, stories in literature and film, as well as modern Electronic Voice Phenomena.

More info :


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ATOMIC BARK! Radio Show continues…

A reminder that my ATOMIC BARK! Radio Show continues (after some unplanned re-scheduling) every WEDNESDAY evening, from 9 to 10pm (GMT) on Resonance FM.



Here are the confirmed shows so far, all produced and presented by James DC :Wednesday, 14th November, 9-10pm…
EC Horror Comics, with writer/EC expert Jasper Bark

21st Nov…
The Pre-Raphaelites, to coincide with the exhibition at Tate Britain. With broadcaster Stephen Smith

28th Nov…
Solaris play, review, with Simon Ings and John Riley

5th Dec…
A history of Judge Dredd, to coincide with the recent film, Dredd, with Pat Mills and Mike Lake

12th Dec…
The Mythology of Werewolves, with Deborah Hyde

19th Dec…
Steampunk, with comic book author/artist Bryan Talbot

PLUS : Atomic Bark! specials over Christmas and New Year : an exclusive, 3 hour interview with legendary Science Fiction author Brian Aldiss!



Blade Runner, with BR expert/writer Paul M Sammons

Interview with iconic science fiction author Jack Womack, with Womack expert/writer Justin Harries.

Screenwriter/novelist Terry Southern, to coincide with the recent Blu-ray DVD releases of Barbarella and Casino Royale, with writer Lee Hill

The philosopher/writer/artist George Bataille, with lecturer Simon Elmer

The history of movie martial arts, with martial arts expert/teacher Jez Sands

The legend and mythology of Springheel Jack, with philosopher/writer Steve Ash

Understanding Comics, with Paul Gravett and Tim Pilcher

Silent Horror Movies, with Ivan Attanasio and John Riley

The Legend of Springheel Jack, with Steve Ash

Early/WW2 Superhero Mythology, with Richard Reynolds and..(TBC)

2001, A Space Odyssey, with Ben Slotover and…(TBC)

British Science Fiction, with Richard Thomas, and…(TBC)

Cosmic Superheroes, with Richard Reynolds, and…(TBC)



You can hear Atomic Bark! on the radio dial in London on 104.4 FM or streamed live, everywhere else, at : every Wednesday, from 9 to 10pm (GMT). Plus it’s repeated every Thursday, at 11am (GMT) and will be uploaded as a podcast a few weeks later on my blog (see below).



For podcasts of ALL previous shows go to :



Plus the ATOMIC BARK! Film Club is back too, in London, on Sunday 9th December! More info here :




ATOMIC BARK! Beyond the Valley of the Cult…

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New Radio Show Tonight : SF Soundtracks!

Science Fiction Soundscapes : Part 2.
Wednesday 30th October, 9 – 10pm (BST) on Resonance 104.4 FM in London, and live to hear online on :
Hosted by James DC, with sound artist Martin A Smith.
Tonight we explore the wonderful and bizarre sonic landscapes of science fiction soundtracks. Starting with some of the cult-classic TV soundtracks of the late 1960’s, like The Prisoner and UFO, through to the 1970’s experimental electronica of  Edward Artemiev for Solaris (1972), and Gerry Goldsmith’s seminal soundtrack to Alien (1979), to the funky lounge-core of Ennio Morricone’s music for Danger: Diabolik (1968). Plus the amazing classical-synthesiser soundtrack by Wendy Carlos for A Clockwork Orange (1972), right up to the recent music by Daft Punk for Tron : Legacy, and much more. We will play tracks from each piece and then analyse and discuss the wider social and cultural context of these iconic soundscapes.
For regular updates go to

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New Radio Show Podcast!

Pistolero Punk Rock and Anne Pigalle

Originally broadcast 5/9/12 on Resonance 104.4 FM

James DC is joined by Glen Matlock, ex-Sex Pistol’s musician and musician/artist Anne Pigalle to talk about the history and culture of Punk Rock. From the Pub/Glam Rock beginnings in the early 1970’s to the myriad sub-genre’s of Punk, right up to the modern day, we discuss the political, artistic and sociological implications of this most influential, counter-cultural movement. Has Punk lost it’s bite and been appropriated by the mainstream culture? Anne talks about her early Punk days in 1970’s Paris and London, and Glen recalls the creative cauldron which ignited the Sex Pistols, and thus Punk as we know it.
For regular updates go to :

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