Atomic Bark! Beyond The Valley Of The Cult!

Raquel Welch: Space Girl Dance (1970’s)

ATOMIC BARK! is a multimedia artform-project, created, produced and presented by broadcaster, journalist and artist James DC. It consists of a weekly radio show, monthly film club, social meet-up and film/arts reviews. Atomic Bark! explores science fiction, horror, fantasy, speculative fiction, the uncanny and surrealism, as well as various types of alternative/subversive culture, in all mediums and formats, including literature, cinema, comic-books, art, music, science, philosophy and more, within the Atomic Bark! remit. Click on the tabs at the very top of this page to find more info on these subjects and events.

INFO/LINKS: Info and regular updates on all of these events can be found on the Atomic Bark! group/forum, and page, on Facebook:

or Twitter:

The ATOMIC BARK! RADIO SHOW airs weekly on 104.4FM on the radio dial in London, whilst simultaneously streamed live on the internet, via www.resonancefm.com , with podcasts being added soon afterwards here on www.atomicbark.wordpress.com

The radio series is broadcast every Wednesday, from 9 to 10pm (BST) and at the same time, every week thereafter – look out for more updates on the various Atomic Bark! websites and pages soon. Click on ‘Radio Series’ above, for more info or go to :


The live, 1-hour radio shows on Resonance FM are produced and hosted by myself, James DC. They consist of group discussions (sometimes interspersed with relevant audio tracks) with a variety of experts, aficionado’s and informed guests, on all manner of topics and themes relating to the above subjects. They are repeated on Resonance FM a few days later, with podcasts available on my blog, shortly afterwards. All of the previous shows are now uploaded – click on ‘Podcast Archive’, above.

The ATOMIC BARK! FILM CLUB showcases obscure and rarely screened cult films, every month, FREE, at a cool venue in central London.

The next film club presents a special Czech Cult Classics Double Bill as part of the nationwide Scala Beyond film festival on Tuesday September 4th, 2012, at The Plough (upstairs) at The Plough, 27 Museum Street, London, WC1A 1LH :  THE FABULOUS BARON MUNCHAUSEN (aka ‘Baron Prásil’ : Karel Zeman, 1962) and THE CREMATOR (Juraj Herz, 1969). Click on ‘Film Club’ above, for more info or go to :


The ATOMIC BARK! CAVE-IN is a monthly social meet-up/forum for like-minded people – interested in Atomic Bark! type subjects – in which to meet new friends and engage in intelligent, but fun and informal debates, whilst drinking beer, or similar! Anyone is welcome. The last, very successful Cave-in was on Sunday July 1st, 2012 from 5pm until 11pm, at The Coronet (pub) 338-346 Holloway Road, North London, N7 6NJ. The next one will be sometime in October, probably at the same venue. Click on ‘Cave-in’ above, for more info soon.

Map and more info:


REVIEWS/ARTICLES: James DC also writes regular cinema, comic-book, literature and arts reviews, within (and sometimes without) the above remit and subject matter, throughout the various Atomic Bark! websites/pages and other online outlets. To see my previous articles, click on the top banner, above.


Click on  ‘Film Clip Archive’, above, to see a wide selection of amazing and obscure arthouse/trash/exploitation/experimental/avant garde etc film clips and films in full.

INFO/CONTACT: For more information and regular updates on all of these subjects and events, go to the Atomic Bark group and page on Facebook:

or Twitter:

Contact James DC on Facebook:

or Email:

PROMOTION: Please forward this message or Atomic Bark! links onto any potential listeners and panelists for the radio show, guests for the film club and social meet-up, or readers for the film and arts reviews. Please also post these links on any websites, blogs and forums etc that you think may be interested. Any potential guests, or subject suggestions, for future shows relating to the above topics, please get in touch with me (contact info above). Thank You!

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: James DC is very grateful to Resonance FM managing director Ed Baxter, manager/producer Richard Thomas, radio engineers Johnny Seven and Ray Kirby, regular ex-radio show guest Howard Aggregate and all of the other guests (listed on each show in the podcast section, above) on all of the previous series; plus invaluable technical/artistic assistance from Marrow, Ben Slotover: www.bluntproductions.com  and Steve Ash: steve.ash1  I am also indebted to Ben Hell, Peter Thomas and Matt Lloyd for all their help with the Atomic Bark! Film Club,  Jackie Annis for her wonderful support, plus anyone else who has helped the Atomic Bark! project.

ATOMIC BARK! Beyond the Valley of the Cult…


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