Underground artist Mike Diana on Atomic Bark! TONIGHT :

Underground artist Mike Diana on Atomic Bark! TONIGHT :

New ATOMIC BARK! Radio Show TONIGHT @ 9pm, GMT (with Mike Diana etc) :

Diana’s Dastardly Doodlings and Demonic Derangements

James DC is joined by Underground Comix artist Mike Diana and Divus gallery co-curator Beth Fox to talk about Mike’s subversive and (sometimes) controversial work in independent comic books and painting, in relation to his recent exhibition at Divus gallery in London, and his wonderful new book ‘America’.

We will talk to Mike about his first foray’s into self-published comics in the late 1980’s, right through to his latest mammoth collection, America. We will debate his subversive, ironic and dark humour, in relation to the boundaries of what is considered ‘good taste’, as well as Mike’s trial and subsequent (outrageous) conviction for ‘obscene’ artwork in 1994. We will also talk with Beth about putting on a recent exhibition of Mike’s work at Divus, as well as discussing the wider implications of taboo-breaking Outsider art, and the mainstream media’s hypocritical reaction to such work, in general.

9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday 27th February on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at: http://www.resonancefm.com

Repeated Friday 1st March, 11am-12pm (GMT), with podcasts to follow.

More info :



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February 27, 2013 · 8:28 am

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