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My full-length article/review on the fantastic new film, Dredd (based on the iconic comic book strip Judge Dredd, from 2000AD) is now up on Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds website, in time for the film’s release on DVD.

You will have to subscribe to the New Worlds website to read my article in full, but it is cheap and worth it, as there is lots of other great stuff on there, with much more to come in ‘issue’ 2, soon. I should be writing a lot more for them, too, in the future :

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January 23, 2013 · 11:53 am



The Surreal and Scary Japes of Spring-heeled Jack – with Steve Ash and Jack Bowman.

9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday 9th January on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at :

James DC is joined by Fortean philosopher Steve Ash and writer-actor Jack Bowman to discuss the legend and mythology of the bizarre and terrifying Victorian character Spring-heeled Jack – fact, fiction, or just a case of mass hysteria? Ever since the first sightings, in 1837 in Barnes near London, of a demonic, black-caped, terrifying figure, which belched blue fire into it’s victims faces and ripped at their flesh with sharp talons, this weird phenomena has captivated the imagination. Countless encounters followed, and later plays, Penny Dreadfuls and other cultural manifestations followed. But what on earth was it? A massive hoax, a collective hallucination, or an actual supernatural anomaly? We will disinter the corpse of this nefarious beast and try to ascertain what it actualy was!

Repeated Friday 11th January, 11am-12pm (GMT), with a podcast to follow.

More info and previous shows available at :

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January 9, 2013 · 4:37 pm