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9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday 12th December, 2012 on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at :

Steampunk Super-Stylings and Sensational Species

James DC is joined by comic book writer-artist, Bryan Talbot, and author Jonathan Green, to talk about the science fiction mini-genre, Steampunk, and their work in relation to it. Steampunk stories are set in a parallel universe, usually in or around the Victorian era, with bizarre, steam driven, ultra-technologies, powering an alternative socio-political history from our own. Bryan was one of the first creators to invent the basic concepts, stylings and tenets of Steampunk, in the early 1970’s, with his classic works such as the multi-dimensional, hallucinogenic Luther Arkrwight series, which led right up to his latest work, Grandville, an anthropomorphic animals SF detective story, set in an alternate 19th century Paris. Jonathan Green is the author of the Pax Britannia novels, which detail a 20th century British Empire filled with strange characters, zoo-kept dinosaurs, time travel, and robotic bobbies, all inhabiting a twisted version of reality.

Repeated tomorrow, Thursday, 13th December, 11am-12pm (GMT), with podcasts to follow.

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9-10pm (GMT) Wednesday, 5th December, 2012 on 104.4 FM in London and live, to hear online simultaneously, at :

Disseminators of Dredd and Dynamic Dystopias

James DC is joined by writer/creator Pat Mills and entrepreneur/comics expert Mike Lake to talk about the mythology of comic book character Judge Dredd, in relation to the recent movie, Dredd, and the legendary British comic book 2000AD (created by Mills) which gave birth to the iconic lawman of the future. We discuss the history, symbology and meanings behind Dredd and other classic characters which graced the pages of the wonderful 2000AD, from 1978 up to the present day, as well as the beginnings of the super franchise Forbidden Planet, co-initiated by Mike Lake.

Repeated tomorrow, Thursday, 6th December, 11am-12pm (GMT), with podcasts on this blog to follow.

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