ATOMIC BARK! Radio Show continues…

A reminder that my ATOMIC BARK! Radio Show continues (after some unplanned re-scheduling) every WEDNESDAY evening, from 9 to 10pm (GMT) on Resonance FM.



Here are the confirmed shows so far, all produced and presented by James DC :Wednesday, 14th November, 9-10pm…
EC Horror Comics, with writer/EC expert Jasper Bark

21st Nov…
The Pre-Raphaelites, to coincide with the exhibition at Tate Britain. With broadcaster Stephen Smith

28th Nov…
Solaris play, review, with Simon Ings and John Riley

5th Dec…
A history of Judge Dredd, to coincide with the recent film, Dredd, with Pat Mills and Mike Lake

12th Dec…
The Mythology of Werewolves, with Deborah Hyde

19th Dec…
Steampunk, with comic book author/artist Bryan Talbot

PLUS : Atomic Bark! specials over Christmas and New Year : an exclusive, 3 hour interview with legendary Science Fiction author Brian Aldiss!



Blade Runner, with BR expert/writer Paul M Sammons

Interview with iconic science fiction author Jack Womack, with Womack expert/writer Justin Harries.

Screenwriter/novelist Terry Southern, to coincide with the recent Blu-ray DVD releases of Barbarella and Casino Royale, with writer Lee Hill

The philosopher/writer/artist George Bataille, with lecturer Simon Elmer

The history of movie martial arts, with martial arts expert/teacher Jez Sands

The legend and mythology of Springheel Jack, with philosopher/writer Steve Ash

Understanding Comics, with Paul Gravett and Tim Pilcher

Silent Horror Movies, with Ivan Attanasio and John Riley

The Legend of Springheel Jack, with Steve Ash

Early/WW2 Superhero Mythology, with Richard Reynolds and..(TBC)

2001, A Space Odyssey, with Ben Slotover and…(TBC)

British Science Fiction, with Richard Thomas, and…(TBC)

Cosmic Superheroes, with Richard Reynolds, and…(TBC)



You can hear Atomic Bark! on the radio dial in London on 104.4 FM or streamed live, everywhere else, at : every Wednesday, from 9 to 10pm (GMT). Plus it’s repeated every Thursday, at 11am (GMT) and will be uploaded as a podcast a few weeks later on my blog (see below).



For podcasts of ALL previous shows go to :



Plus the ATOMIC BARK! Film Club is back too, in London, on Sunday 9th December! More info here :




ATOMIC BARK! Beyond the Valley of the Cult…


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