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Krazy Kips and Slumberland Shenanigans

Thursday 25th August, 2011, 7 – 8pm (BST) on Resonance 104.4FM ( repeated on Tuesday 30th August, 1pm, with podcasts to follow.

Hosted by James DC, with sequential strips academic Roger Sabin and comic book expert Guy Lawley

Tonight we explore the era of early 20th century comic strips, and focus especially on two of the most influential and legendary newspaper strips of all time, both proto-Surrealist and essentially fantastic. Little Nemo in Slumberland, by Winsor McCay, ran from 1905 and delineated the adventures of a little boy whose night time dreams broke boundaries of narrative fiction and drew upon potent subconscious imagery, all drawn with consummate draughtsmanship and beautiful rendering. Krazy Kat was one of the most successful strips ever, running every day for 31 years, from 1913 onwards. In another bizarre, ever-shifting dream-like world, the love triangle relationship between Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse, and Offissa Pupp delivers wry humour, strange adventures and emotional nuance, all couched within part-Joycean gobbledygook. We will place these seminal strips within their historical context and analyse their abiding themes and subtexts, as well as their creators impulses and drives.

Clip : Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend : The Pet (Winsor McCay, 1921)


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One response to “Previous radio shows :

  1. James.

    This evening should be a highly entertaining 2 hours of broadcasting.

    Repeating you’re Interview this evening with Billy Bragg and Mark
    Kermode followed by THE MAGNETS LIVE!

    Best Wishes.

    Gustave Ferrier.

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