Stop Motion Spectacular

Thursday 21st July, 2011, 7 – 8pm (BST) on Resonance 104.4FM (, repeated on Tuesday 26th July, 1pm, with podcasts to follow.

On today’s show we will take an overview of the fabulous Eastern European stop frame animations that have graced screens since the beginning of the last century. From Poland; the seminal, early insect/animal puppet animations of Vladislav Starevitch, and the later Gothic nightmares of Walerian Borowczyk, to Hungary and George Pal’s ‘Puppetoons’,  to the spiritual home of stop frame animation; Czechoslovakia, with Jiri Trnka and his protoge’s Jan Svankmajer and Jiri Barta to name but a few. As well as exploring the various film-making techniques used, and the Soviet Bloc’s regime of  interfering political cencorship, we will analyse the often bizarre symbolism and dreamlike imagery of these incredible, other-wordly films.

Hosted by James DC, with academic and writer John Riley.

Clip : ‘Labyrinth of Darkness’ Jiri Barta shorts dvd collection


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