Thursday 24th March, 7 – 8pm (GMT) on Resonance 104.4FM ( with podcasts to follow

Lovecrafts Leering Legions

A descent into the haunted and ethereal terrors of the Cthulhu mythos and its strange creator HP Lovecraft – one of the foremost 20th century writers of weird, fantastic horror. Plus a look at Lovecrafts contemporaries like William Hope Hodgson, Clarke Ashton Smith, Robert E Howard and other ‘pulp’ writers of the ‘supernatural gothic’.

Hosted by James DC, with Howard Aggregate, Steve Ash, Duncan Reekie, Thogdin Ripley

Clip : The Call of Cthulhu (Andrew Leman, 2005)



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  1. Thats amazing work Steve – well done – I will read all of this later and give a more detailed reply. You should have had an extra 1 hour show just for all of this. Cheers for being a brilliant guest and I look forward to the next show with you (perhaps someone, in the far flung future, when we are no longer around, will accidentally find my obscure website and make some pertinent comments! You never know – stranger things have happened)

  2. Steve Ash

    Theres a primer to Lovecraft on my website here, that some might find interesting.

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