Radio Show: Surrealism

Thursday 24th February, 7 – 8pm (GMT) on Resonance 104.4FM in london and streamed live online at, with podcasts to follow

Slippery Surrealist Signposts

What has become of one of the most influential and important cultural, artistic movements of the 20th century? Has Surrealism been so assimilated, and thus watered down, into the general popular culture, as to become meaningless and impotent? Can the philosophical tenets of Surrealism still provoke – staying authentic and relevant in the light of its widespread contemporary ‘dumbing down’? What can the original, radical ideals espoused by Andre Breton and his colleagues say to us now? Plus; how did Surrealism effect and influence fantastic literature and film in the wider popular culture?

Hosted by James DC, with guests John Churchill and Simon Elmer

Clip : Max Ernst and the Surrealist Revolution


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